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I was born in Mt. Sinai Childrens Hospital in Toronto, Ontario in April, 1969, was a small part of the Ragnarokr Leathershop Collective on 33 Baldwin St., Toronto, lived also in Frostpocket, Ontario; Yona, Guam; Burkeville, TX, and then Austin, TX. I went to school in Austin Texas (William Travis High school, and Bachelor Arts, History, with minor in Asian History from University of Texas, Austin, 1994), then moved to Chicago a few times, working mostly at Lord, Bissell & Brook. Now I'm self employed, and much happier.

Speaking of self-employement, I have a few photos for sale here. Actually, if you wish, any photo I've taken can be purchased, just contact me directly.

B12 Partners

B12 Partners, a computer services and marketing consulting company, was formed in 1994, and officially incorporated as an LLC in 2003.

Observations from the peanut gallery can be found here on a daily basis. The opinions expressed on the blog probably do not co-incide with the management of B12 Partners, and rarely will companies who B12 Partners works for ever be mentioned, if ever.

If you want to contact me, feel free to email me: swanksalot @

Friday, December 1, 2006 2:41 PM