Marv Albert moves to YES network

James Dolan is still a dorkweed for firing Mr. Albert. Dolan is obviously a subscriber to the George Bush school of criticism: no criticism allowed within earshot.

Is Albert Nets' New Yes Man? 'Yes!' and No:

Marv Albert is probably the greatest pro basketball announcer ever, but how much do the Nets and the YES Network really need him?

Albert and MSG Network parted on bitter terms last June when he said that he could no longer deal with attempts by James L. Dolan, Cablevision's president, to censor his criticism of the team. “It got so ludicrous that we'd kid around and say, 'If the Knicks lost, let's not give the final score,' ” Albert, 63, said yesterday.

Yesterday, Ratner said that he could “never envision” telling Albert what to say or intruding upon his independence.

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