Beyond the Call

Insider tip on an interesting new film by the makers of one of my favorite movies, Genghis Blues

Beyond The Call

Here we go....after five years of work, Landmark Theaters is premiering BEYOND THE CALL in Chicago on November 24th and San Francisco on December 1! It's playing for a week in each city. The opening weekend success in both cities are very important, because it will determine how wide Landmark will distribute the film around the US in theaters and how many other theaters will pick up the film.

Please, send this out to as many people as you can, including newsletters, blogs, websites, radio,TV, etc.

BEYOND THE CALL resonates with a very broad cross-section of the US population, service organizations (Rotary, Shriners, etc), university and high school students, seniors (AARP, etc.), military (active, veterans, families), Democrats and Republicans, humanitarians, etc.

The star of the film, Ed Artis, and I will be in Chicago and San Francisco for the opening weekends doing Q&A after the screenings. Ed Artis was born in Highland Park, IL and grew up in the San Francisco area. I was raised in Evanston, IL and live in the San Francisco area.


In an Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa adventure, three middle-aged men – former soldiers and modern-day knights - travel the world delivering life-saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians and doctors; in some of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on Earth, the front lines of war.

β€œAn extremely inspiring film that is also hilarious, exciting and heart-wrenching. Not only are the three men unbelievably good willed, they are enjoyable characters filled with lovable quirks and wonderful stories to tell.” - Christopher Campbell, Cinematical

Trailer and more Info at: and

Check it out if you can...

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