Democrats not planning on increasing mileage standards.

Ahh, Democrats, when will you learn that the sure fire way to the public's heart is by actually being different than Republicans?


Democrats not planning on increasing mileage standards. : Already were are seeing signs that Congress will continue with business as usual. Congressman John Dingell, who is set to become chairman of the House Energy Committee does not see the need to increase fuel-efficiency standards for U.S. automobiles. ... Dingell told reporters that any rule changes should weigh “the needs, the costs, the technological ability and the economic ability of industry and the market to absorb these changes.”

The U.S. transportation sector accounts for about half the nation’s daily oil needs of about 20 million barrels.

New U.S. vehicles are the fastest and heaviest in three decades, with the fleet’s fuel efficiency no better than the figure for 1994 -- about 21 miles per gallon -- according to government figures.

In other words, be prepared as a taxpayer to bail out Ford/GM/Chrysler in the near future.

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