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Am really curious how it will play out. Will the election be rigged, even though the conventional wisdom assures us the Republicans will lose? Or will the Republicans use this election to test, and tweak their machinery so that 2008 will be more efficiently stolen? Tune in Wednesday morning....

VoteTrustUSA - All Four Major E-Voting Machines Flip Votes in Early Voting Early voting in five states showed that voters' choice are being flipped to the opposite candidate on all four major e-voting machines — Diebold TSx, Sequoia Edge, ES&S iVotronic, and Hart InterCivic eSlate.  

Three counties in Texas report vote-flipping on the Diebold and ES&S machines. Three counties in Florida report vote-flipping on the ES&S and Sequoia machines. One county in Illinois, on the Sequioa Edge, and one county in Arkansas, on the ES&S iVotronic. In some cases, when the voter selects one candidate, the machine shows an opponent is selected instead.

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