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Hey thanks for putting up this link to my site :) The text is about a really really bad cover (which you can see in the video) of a great song :)
oh and yes it's German.

No problem. I watched some of the video too, and you were right - that's a pretty crappy cover.


oh, and the German to English translator at babelfish says:

Photo: swanksalot
From time to time, there it comes before volume a Coverversion of a more or less famous Songs hervorzaubert, which is even better than the original. For example "Hurt" of Johnny cash, "Lake OF Fire" of Nirvana, "Killing ME Softly" of the Fugees, "turn The PAGE" of Metallica and not last also the "Burger Dance" of DJ Oetzi. The list may be resumed naturally gladly in the comments.

The Beatsteaks proven so far with "Kings OF Metal" it also quite something covern can. Their Song was even gecovert "hand in hand" already by the dead trousers with their Unplugged concert, which if I do not remember quite was however completely so good. Today I am however on something gest0ssen which in the shade completely place.

Pupil volume likewise gecovert "hand in hand" and the Song a perfectly new energy gave. I white not at all where I to begin is, the enormous spielerische achievement, the energetic singing or however the scratched open public. My Favourit is however believes I the fiery play way of the schlagzeugers of first Sekund ean everything gives and formally sparks on sprays, seht's you, the bright insanity!

which makes absolutely no sense.

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