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Mark Cuban makes a good point in his defense of excluding corporate bloggers from the Dallas Maverick's locker room (a finite space). The Dallas Morning News thought because their blogger also was a sports journalist employed by Belo, their blogger should have special treatment. Cubes disagrees.

As a blogger, and someone very familiar with bloggers and the blogosphere, I recognize that a fair policy would apply to all bloggers. There is nothing superior about a blog produced bysomeone in the employ of The Belo Corporation. So there is no reason to give them preferential treatment. Where there is physical room to fairly credential any and all bloggers, Mr MacMahon is welcome. Where we can not accomodate all bloggers, he will be excluded."

So post my little newspaper rant, it comes down to something very simple. A blogger is a blogger is a blogger and there are millions of us. . The name on your check, if you get a check, is irrelevant. BlogMaverick, Belo,, we is what we is, and as long as there is limited space in our locker room, we is going to be outside in the Press Interview room getting comments

One last little thought. Some out there will take this as my not "liking" blogs. Ridiculous. its the exact opposite. What I don't like is unequal access. I'm all for bloggers getting the same access as mainstream media when possible. Our interview room is open to bloggers. We take interview requests from bloggers. I'm a fan of getting as much coverage as possible for the Mavs. What I'm not a fan of is major media companies throwing their weight around thinking they should be treated differently. [From Bloggers in the Mavs Locker Room ?]

I think, long term, Cuban's policy will change, when the space gets bigger (able to hold more bodies), or moves to a different location. For now, way to stick it to the man!

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