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Some additional reading August 18th from 00:10 to 08:30:

  • Fluke: iFLAC your Mac – "Fluke is really quite simple. The installer you download installs the components necessary for it to work: XiphQT, FLACImporter, and Set OggS. Fluke itself is an AppleScript saved as an application bundle. I kept the script inside the bundle editable so it's all nice and open-saucy."
  • ThePanelist.com – The Holy Grail of Health Insurance: DENIED – "The Washington Post recently published an article, later picked up by MSNBC, on the fact that health insurance companies are now targeting patient’s electronic prescription records as a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to evaluate a person’s insurability.

    Gone are the days of contacting a physician's office or hospital business center and speaking with a live human or, alternatively, waiting weeks for medical records to be mailed. The Internet, once hailed as the harbinger of a paperless society, has finally succeeded in becoming just that. Unfortunately, this single instance of achievement is in precisely the sort of arena where human, rather than machine, contact is so essential, and delay (rather than haste) may err on the side of justice. "

  • How to play .flac files in iTunes – Simple Help – "This tutorial will guide you in installing all of the required software (and in which order) to get iTunes to play .flac files. This works for iTunes version 7.4.1 (and Quicktime 7.2.0) running on OS X.

    Update: I’ve added a 2nd, much easier way to accomplish the same thing (playing FLAC files in iTunes. And this method works using iTunes 7.6.2."

  • Hullabaloo They Did It – John McCain "is incapable of cheating because he was a POW. We shall hear no more about it.

    (Of course his first wife and the shareholders in the Lincoln Savings and Loan might disagree, but far be it for me to bring that up.)"

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