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Bookmarks for November 16th

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Some additional reading November 16th from 00:31 to 01:37:

  • The Center-Right Nation Exits Stage Left – "Rove says, Obama was running to the center. But can anybody make a serious case that people were mistaking him for a center-right politician? Or even a "New Democrat" such as former president Bill Clinton? The McCain campaign was not shy about letting voters know about the elements of Obama's record that marked him as a man of the left. Perhaps voters simply didn't believe a word of it, but a better explanation is that a majority of them heard McCain's warnings and just didn't mind. Center-left nation, anyone?"
  • Other People: The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac – "
    As many people have noted, it’s not just 200 pages worth of blog posts bound and printed. It is a lucid and thoughtful reinterpretation of the NBA that will be relevant for years to come. I am not sure their “manifesto” actually has the potential to replace traditional forms of basketball fandom, but it certainly has inspired me to move beyond my purely partisan sensibilities. Before FD, I was a Spurs fan. Since I began reading their writing several years ago, I have blossomed into a lover of the entire Association. I still balance my allegiance to the silver and black with my more liberated side (my only serious criticism of the book would be the idea that they do not give the potential for this balance sufficient consideration), but without a doubt their writing has changed the way I think about the game.

    Although the Spurs are the epitome of being “anti-FD,” the Spurs lovers out there will be pleasantly surprised to find an entire chapter dedicated to Tim Duncan."

  • iTunes 8 – "SoundJam was able to RECORD directly. That G3 Mac has a native cluster of RCA input output jacks in addition to S-video jacks I/O.…When Apple bought SoundJam from Casady and Greene (the best third party software developer for the Mac ever!), they disabled the Record functions. iTunes became a player and CD ripper only. And a virtual strip mall retail storefront , but don't get me going on that aspect. For instance, Digital Rights Management never came into play with SoundJam , coming or going, back in those halcyon days. But the simple fact that you can rip a CD to your personal iTunes 7-8 library means the code base for recording from nearly any audio source should still be fundamental to the current releases of iTunes.…Apple's iTunes windows and stylishness are reminiscent of Soviet-centralized architecture… blocky grey concrete and dull metal; a blocky onscreen warehouse"

    Ahh, SoundJam Pro was cool.

  • Forty years on, McCartney wants the world to hear lost Beatles epic – "For Beatles fans across the world it has gained near mythical status. The 14-minute improvised track called 'Carnival of Light' was recorded in 1967 and played just once in public. It was never released because three of the Fab Four thought it too adventurous.

    The track, a jumble of shrieks and psychedelic effects, is said to be as far from the melodic ballads that made Sir Paul McCartney famous as it is possible to imagine. "

    Probably sucks, but still want to hear it

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