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Reading Around on November 3rd

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Photos on your screen are nice, but photos on your wall are better!
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Some additional reading November 3rd from 00:59 to 12:47:

  • BizarroBlog: Scary Health Care Reform

    “I’m also self employed, so no one provides any kind of insurance for me, I have to buy it. Health insurance costs vary from state to state, but here in NYC, the cheapest I can find for my wife and I, with a large deductible, is over $1000 a month. That’s another mortgage payment each month, into the pockets of super wealthy insurance execs, in all likelihood for nothing. Statistics show that if I ever want to use that insurance there is an excellent chance they’ll find a way to deny me. That’s how they make their profits”

  • Create a font from your own handwriting – fontcapture.com – “Create a font from your own handwriting

    At fontcapture.com you can create a font from your very own handwriting. There’s no software to download and install, all you need is a printer and a scanner”

    wonder if my handwriting has changed much since the 1990s when I last did something similar

  • Randomizer – a set on Flickr – 23 Random Photos for your viewing pleasure

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