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IFTTT Recipe Acting Strangely

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Chainsaw sculpture
chainsaw-sculpture – source unknown

If you’ve noticed, in the last couple of days photos have appeared here that have already been posted; duplicate entries from weeks ago. I don’t know why this is happening, but I do know the cause – https://ifttt.com/wtf

I have a recipe1 that works like this: if I add the keyword “blogged” to a Flickr photo, the photo gets published on this blog with the author being “eggplant”.  I find this recipe to be a fairly easy way to add photos – all it takes is adding a tag, which can be accomplished even with a mobile devie – the main complaint I’ve had is that the photo has to be fairly recent. It doesn’t work with any image uploaded more than six months ago, give or take.

IFTTT Recipe: New Flickr photo with tag “blogged” gets a WP post connects flickr to wordpress

I’ve used this recipe 183 times as of this morning, but starting yesterday, duplicates started appearing. I’ve deleted them all so far, but since this is an automated process, I don’t notice the duplications until later, which means they get pushed out to my Tumblr blog, Twitter, yadda yadda. Irritating, but not happening frequently enough to turn off the recipe. Yet.


  1. Recipe is the word IFTTT uses for these scripts []

Written by Seth Anderson

June 14th, 2014 at 8:51 am

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WordPress Troubleshooting – cannot modify header information

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y'a bon Banania
y’a bon Banania

Sorry if I make your eyes glaze over, but I had some trouble with my blog yesterday, and here is how I solved it.

Background: upgraded a WordPress plugin called Better WP Security, under its new name, iThemes Security Pro, and instantly my blog broke. I could no longer access my dashboard, could no longer make any changes to the blog, all that would happen would be an error message like this:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at [redacted]/wp-config.php:33) in [redacted]/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 896

 so of course I copied this error out, and Googled it. Unfortunately for me, I searched on the second phrase first, which led to instructions about fixing the code in pluggable.php

Silly me, I was too busy to read more. I opened my FTP program, opened the file pluggable.php and sure enough, the last line did not include a close tag. I added ?> and my blog was working again. I immediately went into plugins and deleted iThemes Security Pro, and as everything seemed fine, went back to my other tasks, considering the matter finished.

G3 case open
G3 case open

This morning, I noticed that the daily blog email didn’t get sent, and then noticed that my blog’s RSS feed reported an error. A few of my plugins were not working at all (such as my anti-spam plugin, Askimet, and others). Ru-oh!

I went back to the Codex WordPress FAQ Troubleshooting page, and read the entire entry:

It is usually because there are spaces, new lines, or other stuff before an opening <?php tag or after a closing ?> tag, typically in wp-config.php. 

If the error message states: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /path/blog/wp-config.php:34) in /path/blog/wp-login.php on line 42, then the problem is at line #34 of wp-config.php, not line #42 of wp-login.php. In this scenario, line #42 of wp-login.php is the victim. It is being affected by the excess whitespace at line #34 of wp-config.php.

If the error message states: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /path/wp-admin/admin-header.php:8) in /path/wp-admin/post.php on line 569, then the problem is at line #8 of admin-header.php, not line #569 of post.php. In this scenario, line #569 of post.php is the victim. It is being affected by the excess whitespace at line #8 of admin-header.php.

(click here to continue reading FAQ Troubleshooting « WordPress Codex.)

Doh! My error message had told me the problem was in wp-config.php, and pluggable.php was the victim. I opened wp-config.php, and sure enough, there were 2 extra blank lines after the close tag. I don’t know how iThemes Security Pro added them, nor why, but once I deleted these two blank lines, my RSS feed validated through feed burner, etc. I trust the blog daily email will go out tonight, whether or not it will contain yesterday’s information too.

Written by Seth Anderson

March 27th, 2014 at 5:19 pm

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Funny Spam – from Rev Kenneth

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Quite the offer here from Rev Kenneth, who claims to be in Florida despite his email being routed via Urbanphilly.com, via a bad English translator. Rev Kenneth is quite the renaissance man, a reverend who works for a charity organization with the best of names, and owns an art gallery that is nameless.

My name is Rev Kenneth, I work for the charity Organization based in Florida. I am 60 years.
I am looking for someone That can handle my business errands falling on his or her spare time (I own an Art Gallery)
I need your services because i am Constantly traveling abroad to supporting the charity Organization. We work in over 190 countries helping children survive, Protecting em from harm and getting ‘em to school.
Manage my business errands today and earn yourself not less than $ 600 weekly. You are not required to travel abroad or inter state. Your errands are simple and straight
1. Receive my email and drop ‘em off at the post office or shipping center.
2. Pick up my items at your Florida post office at your convenience.
3. When you get my email or package, Would you email all items to Where I want em shipped. All dйpenses and shipping costs Will Be covered by me.
The contents of the packages are mostly art materials and paintings. In addition, there Will Be clothing I need for business and personal letters. No heavy packages is Involved
please read the employment requirements listed below.
A. You are an honest and trustworthy citizen.
B. You need to be able to check your EMAIL 2 times daily.
THE WEEKLY PAY IS $ 600 and you are entitle to a brand new car Effective 2weeks if you are hardworking and honest with me, WHICH IS NOT A BAD OFFER.
In closing, I have a pair of questions for you.
First, If I were to mail you money to do my shopping over an upfront payment for your service Where would you want it mailed to?
Second, how would you like for your name APPEAR on any package feels to you?
Apply Below & send your information to Kenneth.steward@aol.com
Full Name:
Zip Code:
Home No:
Cell No:
Work Status:
Hope all is clear?
Waiting to hear from you & I look forward to Establish long-term business relationship with you.

You see, he needs someone to pick up his email, and then drop it off at a post office. Presumedly the email didn’t come in a self-addressed stamped envelope (??). 

Also, although the salary is only $600 a week, after two weeks, you’ll get a brand new car. You know, the kind of brand new car you can purchase with $1,200. I guess if you work for a company that goes by the name, Organization, you’ll need help from strangers. Strangers gullible enough to respond with their address and cellphone numbers…


Sorry, Rev Kenneth, your offer doesn’t sound to enticing to me.

Written by Seth Anderson

January 1st, 2014 at 4:05 pm

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Spam – Email Exceeded Storage Limit

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You Could Have Done Better Than That
You Could Have Done Better Than That

I wonder how often normally careful people fall for requests like this one I received early this morning:


Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit of 10GB, which is as defined by  the administrator, you are currently running on 10.9GB, you may not be able to send or receive new messages until you re-validate your mailbox . To re-validate your mailbox, send the following information below:




Confirm Password:



If you fail to re-validate your mailbox, the mailbox will be disabled!

thank you System Administrator

Computer Repair LED
Computer Repair LED

especially when all the header information is usually hidden by most email clients. Suspicious stuff like email routed from Brazil or Thailand which would be a red flag is normally not displayed.

Received: from localhost (localhost []) by email.hujm.ufmt.br (Postfix) with ESMTP id B1DF2389C0B; Sun, 24 Nov 2013 11:03:45 -0300 (AMST) Received: from email.hujm.ufmt.br ([]) by localhost (email.hujm.ufmt.br []) (amavisd-new, port 10024) with ESMTP id hTusU-YxVjDd; Sun, 24 Nov 2013 11:03:45 -0300 (AMST) Received: from [] (unknown []) by email.hujm.ufmt.br (Postfix) with ESMTPSA id B61E7389BF7; Sun, 24 Nov 2013 11:03:28 -0300 (AMST) Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”iso-8859-1″ MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Description: Mail message body Subject: ATTENTION To: Recipients helpdesk@admin.in.th From: “System Administrator” helpdesk@admin.in.th Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 09:03:19 -0500 Reply-To: webmaster-upgradeunit@admin.in.th X-Mailer: TurboMailer 2 Return-receipt-to: webmaster-upgradeunit@admin.in.th Message-Id: 20131124140329.B61E7389BF7@email.hujm.ufmt.br

I am the System Administrator for several domains, so I knew this mailbox limit was not accurate, but prior ISPs I’ve used did have a storage limit, and I did open this email almost by habit based on the subject line alone. If I was a less-savvy recipient, would I think it strange that my SysAdmin was asking for my user name and password? Maybe not.

Written by Seth Anderson

November 24th, 2013 at 10:48 am

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Safari is Stupid for HTTPS

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Irritatingly, I clicked “Use SSL” on my WordPress dashboard for the Ted Cruz post I just published, because I didn’t know what that would do. Now, Safari won’t load the page at all. I unchecked the checkbox, but the page still won’t load. I looked closely at the URL and it should be http://www.b12partners.net/wp/2013/09/23/ted-calgary-cruz/ but Safari insists upon loading the “https:” version. As far as I can tell, there is no way to edit URLs directly in Safari, and this behavior persists even after I quit Safari and restarted – I still get taken to the nonexistent “HTTPS” secure version of the page, even if I hand-type the “HTTP” myself.

Safari is Stupid
Safari is Stupid


I tried using the “Short URL” version, I tried typing the correct URL, I tried copying and pasting, but all attempts lead instead to the HTTPS version.  

If there is a typo on the page, let me know in comments or email or Twitter, since I can’t see the damn post myself (well, other than in the WordPress Dashboard version, which is not always perfectly accurate). I guess I could click the category archive (Politics), or the tag archive (GOP for instance), but I’m too irritated to do so at the moment.

Written by Seth Anderson

September 23rd, 2013 at 7:56 am

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Footnotes test

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So I figured that it would be a good idea to show the content of a footnote as soon as you indicate that you are interested in the footnote. Namely, when you move the cursor over the footnote symbol.2 This allows footnotes to work on devices that don’t support mouse hovering3, because you can still jump to a footnote via its link, but it removes the necessity of having to click on a footnote link for most people.

  1. These footnotes here.
  2. Like this.
  3. Such as screen readers, or touchscreen devices like iPads.

Written by Marty

August 3rd, 2013 at 7:52 am

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Lazy Blog

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The Written Word A Lie
The Written Word A Lie

Parenthetical note: I’ve had this domain, and thus some sort of a blog for over ten years now1. I feel guilty that I neglect my blog these days: I used to spend a lot of minutes every week crafting mini essays, responding passionately to the news of the day, journaling my life, or just venting. I currently have no motivation to do that. I’m still processing enough photos that I can usually count on a a handful of decent images a week, but as far as deep thoughts? Meh. 

I still write blog posts in my mind while showering, or drifting off to sleep, but rarely do I follow through and type those up. 

I’ve noticed that my traffic is a sliver of what it once was, and why would you visit this page when there are so many other options to choose from? In 2004, Twitter didn’t exist, Facebook didn’t exist, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, yadda yadda. 

Is it Twitter, sapping our creative energy? Twitter trains you to speak in cryptic headline, limited to 160 characters, including a valid URL, perhaps because I post so many links on Twitter, my blog has suffered. Or else…

  1. I think – I know it was on or around my birthday, and I’m guessing it was 2003, and 2004 by the time I transitioned to Movable Type because Blogger was such a headache []

Written by Seth Anderson

April 8th, 2013 at 10:57 pm

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Comments And Civility

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If you insist upon being an asshole, and call me foul names, besmirching every liberal on the planet with your oh-so-damn-clever phrases you are repeating from Rush Limbaugh and his like, I won’t publish your comments. Simple enough for you? If you have something intelligent to say, even something that I don’t necessarily agree with, I will publish your comment if, and only if, you write sentences that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have read on the evening news by your mother, or grandmother. In other words, if your tone would make her blush, it will not get past me either.

For the record, I pay for this blog out of my own pocket, so you have no inherent right to post comments. Free speech only applies to government restrictions upon free speech, and doesn’t give you the right to spew your half-digested, rightwing bullshit all over my blog. Make your own damn blog, and write whatever the hell you want, I don’t care.Fartwar

fart war

Written by Seth Anderson

November 25th, 2012 at 6:02 pm

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Email Of My Digital Day

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We Deliver - Just not Saturdays
We Deliver – Just not Saturdays

If you are interested, in the slightest, in my daily travails and triumphs, you should sign up for my daily email post – automatically created via Google’s Feedburner. In this email, you’ll see my most recent ten photographs, and I will do my best to give you a few interesting articles to read every day. Ideally, you’ll see portions of 9 or 101 articles, plus a sampling of my photographs of the day.

If my work day allows it, there might also be a few blog posts as well included in the email – which are usually longer entries, but to be honest, I don’t seem to have the stamina to create blog posts each and every day any more. Basically, the email will contain items that will never appear on the blog itself – mostly because I’m a lazy fr*ck.

As far as what kind of content you’ll receive in the email, I’d guess the mix of topics to roughly be:

  • Photographs
  • 40% national US politics
  • 5% Chicago politics
  • 5% local politics somewhere else like Texas or California, or somewhere I have an interest (Baltimore, Oregon, San Francisco, New York City, Guam, Austin, Yurtistan, yadda yadda). Yeah, I read a lot. I do. Every day, usually.
  • 10% music and music history – jazz, blues, rock, Bob Dylan, whatever. 
  • 10% film and film history – I am a film school drop-out after all
  • 10% Apple related – I’ve been a Mac user since before it was cool
  • 10% humor, or what I find funny 
  • 10% weird and unusual stories from the old, weird America and the old, weird world…

Truthfully, the email is a simple communication tool, and you should go ahead and sign up. Even if you don’t get around to reading every single one, you’ll still find items of interest when you do read the email. Plus, the email is free…

What do you have to lose?

  1. the Feedburner limit []

Written by Seth Anderson

November 14th, 2012 at 10:43 am

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Further Reading from September 29 2012

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Touching Up
Touching Up

Well, thanks to the magic of IFTTT.com, I’ve started to use Delicious to seed information to my blog again.1

There is a limit of Feedburner that it will only post the last ten entries into the daily blog email – for Flickr photos, if I’ve had a busy photographic day, or for blog posts – and yesterday turned out to be an epic sitting-in-front-of-the-computer day2, so I posted more than ten entries to Delicious.

Here are a few tidbits that got omitted:

  1. “And Fake Steve is dead, but the self-important drama queen lives on.” http://t.co/Ij7fiPb4
  2. “Special Service Areas are local tax districts that fund expanded services & programs through localized property tax” http://t.co/aHJptHgS
  3. “iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Problems Fixed By Manual DNS Settings” http://t.co/co6IWYCc
  4. New Tracking Frontier: Your License Plates http://t.co/mEqTRK2l
  5. “Obama Orders Chinese Company to End Investment at Sites Near Drone Base” http://t.co/zgOWdrP8
  6. “Romney vows to take on Lyme disease ‘epidemic’” http://t.co/T7dJsaQO Uhh, ok?
  7. Histoire de Melody Nelson: Serge Gainsbourg’s psychedelic orchestral rock opera http://t.co/u6Y4T8zd
  8. Paul Ryan “referred to rape as a “method of conception.” http://t.co/fP4AjEFt
  9. “The Satchmo Cocktail: A Sazerac… With A Twist” http://t.co/CCSvBeY5
  10. “How many times have you said, “if only we had a president who made Lyme Disease his number one priority?””  http://t.co/r8FSjssX
  11. Brian May: Me and my animal passions | From the Guardian http://t.co/1CxVc7vf
  12. “Looking to Mexico for Alternative to Abortion Clinics” http://t.co/zukKI39q
  13. “Laws Revive ‘World Before Roe’ as Abortions Require Arduous Trek” http://t.co/cyFZ1sZ4
  14. “Cherokee Nation Chief Demands Apology From Scott Brown Campaign” http://t.co/nuMbKepI
  15. “Romney is perhaps best known for being a clown and a humanitarian, … an LSD-fueled comedian.” http://t.co/8TaXOeJd aka Wavy Gravy


Also, I’ve created an IFTTT.com recipe which works as follows:

  • new Delicious post is created
  • if I use the tag “link”, then a new WordPress post is created with the snippet, with a link to the original URL.
  • Benefits – easy to create posts this way – basically select some text, click a javascript bookmarklet on my browser bookmark bar, and add a tag or three.
  • Cons – limit to 999 characters, limited HTML formatting, doesn’t include an image, and doesn’t allow me to frame the quote or react to it, unless I do it later.

I just tested, and I can edit the Delicious post later to add the magic trigger word, “blog” as a tag, and posts still are generated, even if they existed first a while ago. Pretty nifty.

In general, the limit of ten new mini-posts in a day won’t be an issue, as most days I am not reading in front of my computer that many hours. So, turns out I don’t need Twitter after all.

  1. Boring backstory discussed here and here []
  2. due to some work I had done in my loft which took several hours longer than anticipated. Replaced some windows and some springs if you really want to know []

Written by Seth Anderson

September 30th, 2012 at 11:36 am

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Delicious Twitter Feedburner IFTTT problems again

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Defunct Tweets
Defunct Tweets

For a long time, I had worked out a good system, using Delicious, Twitter, Feedburner and IFTTT. I found interesting articles or phrases in my daily internet life, tweeted them, and these URLs would be automatically fed into my Delicious account, and this in turn would seed entries into my daily blog email post1. Thus my blog’s hunger stayed fed, and I didn’t have to go to the trouble of creating an entire post around a few sentences. However, Twitter, in its drive to become less useful, has disallowed this kind of interaction by changing its APIs. Twitter wants to force every user interaction to occur on its own webpage, presumedly so they can sell advertising “eyeballs” – viewers – but this means a lot of the cool stuff that Twitter could be used for no longer are viable. At least that is my understanding of what happened between yesterday and today.

I’ll see what I can do to replace this lack of grist for my web grinding mill, but it is irritating. Anyone have any suggestions? Email me, or leave a comment.

Here is what should have been included in this morning’s blog email2:

  • “Mother Cabrini Shrine Reopening; Le Corbusier in Color; More!” http://t.co/w9ainEtn
  • “Ross Douthat’s schtick at The Atlantic: repeating Redstate talking points, minus the obscenity and grammatical errors” http://t.co/rkJVN0eH
  • “Todd Akin compared the recent debate performance of Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill to that of a “wildcat,” http://t.co/JOmjmi29
  • “In 1960, about 5% of Americans expressed a negative reaction to political intermarriage; in 2010, about 40% did ” http://t.co/ONkWfpDk
  • “Pro-life asshole vows to fight “to his dying breath” for rights of unborn” http://t.co/bMJ6qFwc C’mon Canada, you are better than this
  • Opium Museum http://t.co/vTfSaJm4 
  • “How Collecting Opium Antiques Turned Me Into an Opium Addict” http://t.co/KWV4aoey
  • “Romney mentioned that it would routinely take up to eight years to turn around a firm” http://t.co/xdbBghjv but US govt easier?
  • Why Ryan is worse for Romney than “47 percent” http://t.co/79gHpcPE
  • Brad DeLong: I Do Not Understand Why This Is Not Tax Fraud… http://t.co/wLipfAfZ Good ole DoubleClick
  • Your Body’s Best Time for Everything http://t.co/N7KUjLQj

And actually, I’m being a little lazy in my cut/paste job here, as these links would also have included the full, original title of the URL, which is sometimes descriptive as well. For instance, the second link about Ross Douthat would have also spelled out “And If Only The Vietnamese Had Worn Bright Red Coats And Formed Infantry Squares”. You get the idea.

Anyway, thanks for messing up my workflow Twitter…

  1. and in the sidebar over there to the right if you visit the actual blog page []
  2. along with whatever photos I uploaded to Flickr, and if I had written an actual blog post like the one you are reading []

Written by Seth Anderson

September 28th, 2012 at 9:02 am

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WordPress on my mind

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Strangely enough, even after all this time, I still think about blog posts I should write, even if I never get around to actually writing them. Usually right as I am about to sleep, or just as I am waking up.

This isn’t one of those posts – I am instead testing out the newish WordPress iPad tool.

My photo site is progressing nicely, but there is some sort of problem with the thumbnails (Masonry).


Marty is visiting his mom, and isn’t able to fix this at the moment.

Written by swanksalot

September 25th, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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Delicious Blog Post Went Awry

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

You probably didn’t notice, but my automated delicious.com posting tool has eaten some magic mushrooms, and fallen through the rabbit hole. I think it is posting every hour, on the hour, but I didn’t count after ten or so duplicates. I’m just turning it off until further notice. Apologies for all the duplicates…

Written by Seth Anderson

September 3rd, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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Dropbox app brings iPad support, fantastic external editing

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Dropbox app brings iPad support, fantastic external editing: “The Dropbox team updated the Dropbox app today with full iPad compatibility and the option to choose which app will open a document. It’s a very welcome refresh “

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

I’ve been using DropBox for a few months now, even though I have my own network, because sometimes certain files are handy to have access to, no matter where I am. An iPad version is welcome news.

Also am testing MarsEdit 3.0, because ecto1 will never again be updated.

  1. my long time favorite blog editing tool []

Written by Seth Anderson

May 4th, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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iPad received

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Sitting on the couch playing with an Ipad. Fun. Screen is gorgeous, but non-native apps (those from the iPhone ) look pretty much like crap. I am sure that either the apps have been updated or their functionality can be replaced by a similar app. Or the app’s developer is furiously coding an update I suppose.

More thoughts later.
iPad home screen

Written by swanksalot

April 3rd, 2010 at 1:48 pm

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