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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Cocksucker Blues

Hearing this 'kiss-off' song to Decca Records (Cocksucker Blues), piqued my interest....

The Rolling Stones in COCKSUCKER BLUES (1972):
"Stones '72 tour exposed - With the release of their definitive album Exile on Main Street, the Stones sought to document their own burgeoning celebrity and self-mythology by hiring renowned photographer / filmmaker Robert Frank (known for his documentary study of madness Me and My Brother as well as the brilliant cover photography for Exile itself).  The resulting movie was at once so dreamy and harsh -- crowded with scenes of the Stones nodding out, roadies balling groupies, and assorted tour hangers-on shooting up -- that the band refused to permit its release.   Eventually Frank secured right to screen it once a year, but it has only appeared on video in bootleg form. -  Marshall Crenshaw, Hollywood Rock"

I'll have to look for this movie, sounds fun.

Now playing in iTunes: Cocksucker Blues [long version], from the album Sucking in the 70s by Rolling Stones


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