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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Food sexuality

Funny article by Lisa Hilton:

The Observer | Food monthly | Food: Lisa Hilton on cooking for one's lover:
"The food you choose to cook says as much about you as your clothes or your bookshelves, it's often the first sensual signal you offer. So striking a balance between the licking and sucking potential of moules marinières and chocolate mousse (painfully obvious), and the neurotic implications of homemade sourdough bruschetta (obsessive perfectionist) and carpaccio of scallops (high maintenance anorexic), can be fraught.

As men judged my food, so my view of their reaction mattered equally. Frankly, I've never had good sex with a vegetarian. I like men who eat properly, who like their steak bloody, their eggs Benedict runny. Fastidiousness is as unappealing in the kitchen as it is in the bedroom; there's something emasculated about a man who lets himself be faced down by an escargot. Logically, someone as obsessed by the food/sex correlation as I am would select her lovers accordingly; but as with crème brulée, I never quite had the discipline to resist what I knew would turn out badly (hence the vegetarian. He had little round glasses and did yoga. Really). However, experience did prove that whether or not a man knows his artichoke from his elbow, when it comes to cooking, if not to sex, the clichés of national stereotypes hold true."

read more for a good laugh. Don't know how much I agree with Ms. Hilton's obsessional observations, but humorous nonetheless....


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