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Saturday, May 15, 2004


New York Post's Peter Vescey sez:
"For some reason, team executives expect Tracy McGrady to notify Magic management within the week of his plans regarding the escape clause in his contract. My source maintains he won't divulge his decision until after The Finals.

But I'm here today to tell you McGrady positively plans to opt out at the end of next season. "That's a fair assumption," allows the same source. Meaning, the bidding for his hallowed services is about to commence. As soon as Magic management is convinced its solitary treasure is prepared to abscond next July, and the danger of losing him without compensation is as real as it gets, Orlando operators will be standing by to inventory all gracious offers.

In fact, management already is being deluged with calls from other teams. The media, of course, already is throwing out unconfirmed proposals. One such report has the Suns ready to swap Olympian Shawn Marion, Joe Johnson and a No. 1 pick for McGrady."


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