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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Peter Vescey weighs in

on the stupid no-call on K.G. that Anthony Peeler retaliated to.....New York Post Online Edition: sports:

" In other words, just when we hope we've seen it all we're mistreated to another un-amusing miscarriage of justice in our eternal quest to forget about life for a while.
* And another. Only this next travesty, perpetrated Sunday during the Sacramento Kings NBA series-tying wicked win over the T'Wolves, wasn't nearly as grave as the above tragedy. Still, it certainly has at least one dominant similarity; Danny Crawford again was the lead official, aided and abetted by Joe DeRosa and Bill Spooner.
In the final moments of play in the third quarter, Wally Szczerbiak and Kevin Garnett set picks on Anthony Peeler in rapid succession. The first caught him in the mouth. The second, moving at worst, blindsided him. He retaliated by elbowing the league's MVP in the solar plexus, sending him sprawling to the floor in pain.
The refs can't always see what precipitates a hostility but normally are cagey enough to catch the payback. This time they were the only ones in ARCO Arena to miss the fender bender between two suburbans and a hearse. Nary a whistle was heard. I'd say, "You can't call what you don't see" except refs make a living out of doing just that.
On the Kings' very next trip up court Garnett greeted his ex-teammate and, I assume, former friend, with a forearm shiver in the chest. Anthony instantaneously struck back, nailing K.G. in the jaw with a vicious forearm. At which point Anthony began shuffling like Ali. Or, in this case, dancing with Wolves.
Somehow Garnett kept his composure and his distance; he didn't flinch or even fake a move toward his opponent.
Personally, I'm tired of Stu Jackson having to clean up his officials' mess. In the eyes of the league's VP of Violence Anthony's 'bo is equivalent to a punch, thus he earned an automatic one-game suspension and gained an additional one for his previous dirty blow.
That leaves the Kings without an established third guard for Game 7 tomorrow, that is, unless Bobby Jackson decides he wants to risk re-injuring his chronically torn abdomen. Otherwise we're talking Rodney Buford, a licensed offensive threat, as long as the Kings don't have to cross customs."


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