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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Really stupid Doonesbury Dilemma

Bad Timing Creates a 'Doonesbury' Dilemma (
"Once again, "Doonesbury," the comic strip by Garry Trudeau, is in the midst of a controversy, this time through a coincidence of timing. A strip intended for publication on Sunday, May 23 -- but created weeks ago -- includes the image of a man being served his own head on a platter, unintentionally evoking the recent beheading in Iraq of American businessman Nick Berg."

come on! that's such a stupid fucking waste of time I cannot even start to make sense of it. I read the comic in Sunday's Chicago Trib, and didn't even consider it to be commentary upon Nick Berg. Confirmed by the Trudeau himself....

at Doonsebury's site:
As to the unfortunate coincidence of the last panel's artwork (drawn in April) with the recent grisly tragedy in Iraq, Trudeau shares your chagrin: "Most Sunday sections are prepared five to six weeks in advance, and today's strip was unfortunately overtaken by events. To 'hand someone his head' is a common expression, not normally associated with actual violence. I regret the poor timing, and apologize to anyone who was offended by an image that is now clearly inappropriate."



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