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Friday, May 21, 2004


Google Search: define:solipsism :"Belief that only I myself and my own experiences are real, while anything else?a physical object or another person?is nothing more than an object of my consciousness. As a philosophical position, solipsism is usually the unintended consequence of an over-emphasis on the reliability of internal mental states, which provide no evidence for the existence of external referents."

Belief that one can know nothing but oneself and that the self is the only thing that is real.

, the view that all that exists or can be known to exist are one's own mind and its thoughts. Although solipsism seems incredible, philosophers have found surprisingly strong arguments in its favour. Such arguments illuminate the nature of knowledge and the mind, even if their conclusion is unacceptable.

the view confining reality to oneself and one's experiences.

The belief that no one exists other than oneself.The belief that no one exists other than oneself.

The view that all we know is our own consciousness and we cannot be sure that anything exists outside of our own minds. In other words, we might be just imagining that each other, the chairs we sit in, the tea we drink, is real.

an extreme form of subjective idealism, contending that only I exist and that everything else is a product of my subjective consciousness

(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist


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