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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

James Dolan, thin skinned dorkweed

No more Marv on the Knicks
"Yes!" It's true. Marv Albert will no longer be doing NBA New York Knicks games on the MSG Network.

No. James L. Dolan, chairman of Madison Square Garden and president of Cablevision, did not like Albert's on-air criticism of substandard play by the Knicks, according to reports in New York newspapers. So, yes, Dolan decided to do something about it.

Thus, after more than three decades as the voice of the Knicks on radio and television, Albert, 63, is leaving. He'll continue calling NBA games on TNT television and Monday Night Football games on Westwood One radio, but he's also looking for something to replace the Knicks.

Ya know, I wouldn't be sad if the Chicago Bulls hired Marv. The Bulls have poor chemistry in their current team, notwithstanding the history Johnny "Red" Kerr has with the team. Hyper partisan announcers get tiresome, the better announcers, like Marv Albert, or Jerry Reynolds of the Sacramento Kings instead concentrate on the game itself, critiquing play sometimes, praising the other team sometimes, etc. I guess James Dolan, he the architect of the over-capped and under-talented Knicks, only likes yesmen in the booth. Screw you Dolan!


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