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Monday, June 14, 2004

Jorge Ben

And I post this only because I am on a Jorge Ben kick for some reason.

Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | A joyful, brassy Balkan album:
"As with all the best pop music, Jorge Ben's tunes have a way of digging deep into your brain and staying there - as Rod Stewart found to his cost. The Brazilian's song Taj Mahal has a chorus melody that is identical to (and predates by six years) the title riff of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?, Stewart's hoary closing-time anthem from 1978. Ben won huge credibility, not to mention royalties, by taking Stewart to court and winning."

or, asked that Stewart turn over all royalties to UNICEF, as written elsewhere. I don't know the details, just know that when I first heard the Jorge Ben song, several years (decades? yeesh) without knowledge of this lawsuit, I thought that this is almost exactly like Do Ya think I'm Sexy. I should write Mr. Ben

More than one web article compared Ben to Paul McCartney. Not sure exactly of the parameters that produced this comparison, but I'd rather listen to an hour of Jorge Ben than a minute of Paul McCartney's Wings......

Now playing in iTunes: Fio Maravilha, from the album Beleza Tropical - Brazil Classics 1 by Jorge Ben (released 1989)

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