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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Man in the Red Suit

honoriartist - The man in the red suit:
One day in the year 5029, on New Year's Eve, a man in a red suit rode into town on a 1988 Toyota. Everyone gasped, "How can you ride that thing? You know that the government banished all cars made before 23951!" But the man in the red suit said nothing. He went to a Scalamitee (SKAL-A-MIT-E) (it means motel, but the government banished motels, so the people made Scalamitees). The genpato (GEM-PA-TO) (which means robot, but the government banished robots, so the people made gempatos) at the front desk told him to go to falico (FOL-IK-O) (which means room, but the government banished rooms, so the people made falicos) #9275. Every day the man rode around town 97257925 times. One day the man was on his 97257924th time, when his car broke down. The man tried to run the rest of the way, but he didn't quite make it. He died. The mystery about the man in the red suit was never solved. THE END"

Thanks, honoria (and Andrew). Highlight of my day


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