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Monday, June 14, 2004

Odd snapfish snafu

I ordered a couple of digital prints and enlargements from Snapfish, which I used to use before I purchased a digital camera. The prints came back slightly cropped, and worse, two (of six) of the prints were of people I do not know. I emailed customer service, and they quickly gave me a credit and free shipping for a replacement print. However, this print was wrong too! I wrote a slightly more cranky email, and received this response....

"I'm very sorry, but it does indeed look like there is some problem with the hi-res version of your photos. Even though the pictures that you see in your online account look exactly correct, they seem to be "mapping" to an entirely different hi-res file.

I asked our engineers and they tell me that this problem most likely occurred at the time that you were uploading the pictures. Do you still have the original digital photo files? If so, can you please upload those photos again and place a new order for those prints? Our engineers are convinced that if you re-upload those photos, it will solve the problem.

I have refunded your charges for those incorrect prints. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Snapfish Customer Care"

here are the pictures, guess which one is mine....


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