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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I didn't even know that WebTV still existed, but apparently it does because 1% of my b12 traffic comes from WebTV browsers (which is 3 times the number of Netscape 4 users, which is probably Sharlot). And 81% of you suckers use Windows, in some incarnation, 16% use Mac, and the rest something else (unix, linux). Seems like there should be more mac hits, but then I don't really post much in the way of Apple news, there are too many other sources for that
for instance

This solipsistic post is the the universal cry for 'nothing really to post', and is only feasible because I only get about 15 hits a day. If I truly had anything to say, and/or I only had one blog, I could easily get 23 hits a day! ahem.

Thanks to Re_invigorate

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