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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Alaska GOP could lose Alaska seat in U.S. Senate
Juneau, Alaska -- Alaska might seem like the last place where Democrats would have a shot at stealing a Senate seat from the Republicans. The state has not had a Democratic senator since the Carter administration. Republicans outnumber Democrats nearly 2-to-1. And the Senate seat in play is held by the daughter of one of Alaska's most powerful politicians.

But the contest between GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski and former Gov. Tony Knowles has emerged as a key race in the Democrats' attempt to retake control of the Senate.

Democrats believe Knowles' popularity from his two terms as governor and his pro-oil development views in this energy-rich state put him in perfect position to pull off an upset against Murkowski, who also faces a tough primary battle.

In other words, those pundits who have already counted each state as "Red" or "Blue", whatever the fuck that means, are wrong. Where's LBJ when you need 'em? and not the smarmy egotistical LBJ who got caught up in Kennedy's war in Indochina, but the Senate Majority Leader who gave liberalism a good name.

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