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Friday, August 06, 2004

Swift boat

from the Atrios comment section, Little Birdie finds info about the sleazy media company that is smearing Kerry:
Atrios - Comments
Back to Swift Boat Liars.

In case you missed it, the media team behind the Swift Boat Liars is Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm, the same scuzbuckets who produced the infamous "tank" commercial against Dukakis for poppy (among many other slimeball political ads). It's their specialty.

Yesterday, their site listed phone numbers and email addys for all the principals. Hee. I guess they received a, well, response. Anyway, they actually took down all of their contact info - even the phone numbers!

Never fear.

Through the magic of google cache...

Greg Stevens, Founder and President

Rick Reed, Partner

Paul Curcio, Partner

Erik Potholm, Partner

Voice: 703-683-8326 | Fax: 703-683-8826

Please, enjoy responsibly!


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