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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

test post


why is this window so extremely small? Shouldn't I be able to type larger than a word or two in advance? 

Software Confusion Ligatures

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Site moved

I've moved my blog to Movable Type, and it is now updated here, until further notice.

You'll have a lot more fun reading it anyway, what with the free pieces of Turkish Delight and all.

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Testing a new (to me) Flickr photo posting tool. These are 20 photos with the label Urban, sorted by interestingness.

X marks an industry
Some plant. I've taken several photos of this, but still looking to capture the essence. Like the X, like the industrial bustle, but still looking for perfect angle.

Alien Hoopsters 6 on 6
Sculpture found somewhere near Northwestern Hospital (aka Chicago Memorial, if you've ever seen the movie, The Fugitive). Flipped around in Photoshop because they wanted to play full court.
Note: aliens use multiple balls/goals, so their game is faster moving than the NBA. Sort of like 3-D chess as played on Star Trek.

Oz Park

Broadway Cleaners (sign only - business defunct)
Broadway, Chicago. This sign is for an old dry cleaning business, probably from the 50's, maybe older.


Needs to be cropped tighter, but I'm lazy. Just ignore the left part.

Apple store
Apple store on Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Where's the Tiger?

Ladybug Cow, climbing the wall of the Talbott
Cows on parade, the leftover edition. Talbott Hotel, E. Deleware, Chicago


Stop and Drink
We didn't but wanted to.

Lonliness of the Parking Marker
One of Chicago's odder traditions - the ability to 'mark' parking spots with old furniture. I thought it only applied after you shoveled snow to clear a spot, but I haven't owned a car since 1989, so what do I know about by-laws?

Doorway of Sushi-Samba.
Didn't care for the food though

astronomy dominé
Bad light, slightly hazy day, but I still like the shot.


Before the Rain blues
Chicago loop, late night, right before a massive storm. I think Wells St., but maybe Lake. I was walking fast.


No Mastrubation Jokes
Between Belmont and Diversey, along the lakefront.


Sunrise Late ride
The Late Ride ends up on the lakefront, around sunrise. Spectacular.

Shiny objects
Before the park officially opened, we snuck under the yellow tape

Haymarket Riot memorial, old version.
(old) Haymarket memorial. Now removed.
If you want a copy of this photo, there is one available at cafepress

New statue here

Fly to this location (Requires Google Earth)

Lake Street El to somewhere else
Lake Street El Tracks
Color photo, duotoned in Photoshop, and added a few filters for contrast.

Stairway of the Rookery. Scan of 35mm print, taken ca. 1998. has more on the Rookery. Used that Ilford color film I used to be so fond of - makes everything sepia toned. I wish I knew where all my negatives from my 35mm years were located, I'd like to re-scan a bunch of them.

Top of the World
On the corner of Damen and Lake Street, Chicago. See my blog for more


Time to go home
Evening rush hour begins as the sun sets. Evening light is magic!

Stinky Panties
Not sure of the message, but thought it was funny nonetheless. Taken somewhere in a children only park in Lakeview, Chicago, on Roscoe St. I believe. 35mm, scanned.


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