Matthew Hale, racist, endangers everyone

From the Chi-Trib's John Kass

When notorious racist Matthew Hale was convicted in federal court this week of trying to have a federal judge killed in Chicago, some of his sympathizers decided to put pressure on the government's key witness, Tony Evola.

Evola testified that Hale had given his assent to having U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow killed. In retribution, Evola's address and phone number were put on white supremacist Web pages, where the emotionally diseased can find it.

But the Hale lovers made a mistake.

They put the wrong Evola on the Internet.

...Joe said. “We got a bunch of calls. We talked to the FBI. Now the police are out front of the house.

”We don't want to be associated with these people. My dad even stayed home from work today; the whole family is upset. I called one person who runs one of these Web sites, and he laughed at me.“

The FBI's Chicago office did confirm that white supremacists put the wrong Evolas on the Web.

”We're investigating,“ said FBI spokesman Ross Rice. ”If anyone were to make interstate harassing or threatening telephone calls, that would be a violation that we would vigorously pursue. The Evola family you talked to have been mistakenly targeted by these white supremacists.“ Mr. Lefkow

Joan Lefkow

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