Birthday shoes, albeit bought 6 months late.
Some shoes
1. gun metal suede hush puppie-esque (russell Simmons label, Phat farm)
2. yesterday wore vioxx black suede, recently written up in the Arts section of the NYT.
3. black Harley new-buck (sic) ankle boots, with ankle buckle. Makes me feel like wearing a white t-shirt and slicking my hair back a bit.
4. red and black adidas with such a narrow foot I feel like they are ballet slippers and tend to prance around in. The Bulls are watchable this year as well, so am wearing team colors (though this was actually unintentional)
5. golden hiking boots, came just in time for first major snow storm. Most comfortable.
6. green suede desert boots; I've always wanted a pair. Probably Josh's influence (from T.O. days)
7. another black boot by the same brand as my hiking boots.
8. classic berkie boot, nue-buck (sic) as well
9. One pair of dress boots
(un)Surprisingly, I have a photo, because I'm too lazy (ne' busy) to wax poetic at the moment.

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