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Went to Opera, a brightly colored Asian restaurant by Jerry Kleiner and others in the South Loop:
Fragrant Minced Chicken Song (Basil & Mint scented chicken in lettuce wrap)
Sweet Pea & Chantrelle Stir Fry (Truffle Oil & Golden Sand [aka roasted garlic - I had to ask])
and 2 Kaipong, steamed in a lotus leaf [a vegan rice dish, cooked with coconut milk, fresh lichi fruit, some sort of Chinese broccoli or a bok choy, and a wonderful mushroom, similar to chantrelle, but with a more evocative name. Wood something].
Bottle of Franus Zinfadel, and a leisurely meal, in the vault.

Pictures here, including this of the Kaipong.

Neil Young

Birthday at Japonais

For my birthday celebratory meal, as part of the patented Birthday week, we went to Japonais, a swank Japanese/Fusion restaurant in the former Montgomery Ward's warehouse along the river. Filled with the beautiful people, but still has good food. Among the best sushi I've had.
I think this is all we had:

Miso white miso with wakame, scallions and tofu

“The Rock” thinly sliced marinated new york strip steak cooked on a hot rock presentation

“Crazy Veggie” tempura asparagus topped with marinated squash and shiitake mushrooms

Tuna Tuna Salmon tuna and salmon tartare topped with sliced tuna and wasabi mayonnaise

Shiitake Asparagus maki


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