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For the first time in my life, I bought a new bicycle: a Cannondale, bright, cheery yellow, with shock absorbers for my rapidly aging body. All my adult life (and earlier, but for various reasons, this doesn't really count), I've used a bike to get around, or to exercise, but I've always relied on second hand models, from friends, or girlfriends, or pawnshops, or acts of gods. No more.

Such a pleasure to ride.


Kozy's Cyclery was very pleasant to purchase from as well. Highly recommended.

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DHL Sucks


Please do not send any packages to me or my company via DHL. Of the four major package services (FedEx, USPS, UPS are the others that we use to send/receive parcels), DHL is the most incompetent, poorly organized corporation. Our accountant sent us important financial papers Wednesday in preparation with a meeting with a banker scheduled for this morning, and DHL failed three times (i.e., three consecutive days) to actually deliver the envelope. The first time D called DHL, the rep told her that he was unable to find the telephone number for the DHL office nearest us because 'it was on his speed-dial'. He then hung up. Eventually at 8 pm last night, in a rainstorm, we tracked down the package successfully.

The other three services at least leave a note saying they attempted delivery, if for some reason we cannot answer the door. This is not part of DHL's corporate policy however. The onus was on us, the customer, to track down where the package was.

DHL sucks.

That is all.

DHL Slacker
To clarify, my DHL route is usually serviced by a pleasant gentleman, and I have nothing against him, seems to be trying to do his job. I'm more concerned with the ineptitude and maladroitness of the corporation, DHL.

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