ABC News: Grizzlies Coach Retires for Health Reasons

Sorry to see Hubie go: we all know that 'health reasons' often is a euphemism for 'fired', whether or not this is the case in this instance. Not good news for Grizzlies team rotation spots 8-10......

ABC News: Grizzlies Coach Retires for Health Reasons:

Hubie Brown stepped down as coach of the Memphis Grizzlies because of health problems, just seven months after he was selected NBA Coach of the Year for the second time in his long career.

"Unexpected health-related issues will not allow me to continue coaching the Memphis Grizzlies," the 71-year-old Brown said Thursday. "This situation was unforeseen and absolutely nonexistent at the beginning of the season."

The team said Brown did not have a serious illness, but declined to comment further.

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