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Panic, the makers of my FTP software (Transmit), also wrote Audion, now available for free. I used Audion in the (pre-OS X) past, along with SoundJam Pro, but iTunes has pretty much captured the OS X mp3 player market these days.

Panic - Extras - The True Story of Audion:
Consider this Audion's last day of high school. He'll still be off chilling at college, now completely free (of charge), probably growing a goatee, but he won't be running around like the crazy wildman he once was, in a state of — um — active development. And with that, my metaphor has strained to the bursting point.

In short, we didn't want Audion, flashy crazy Audion, to go with a whimper. We felt it was time to celebrate this one application — this one tiny tale in a world of millions — that's done so much for us, and whose customers and fans have helped us become what we are today, to whom we owe so much. It's time to inscribe in the great Mac App Yearbook.

It's time to tell Audion's story.

Read more, it's a fascinating story. Apparently, Audion was going to be bought by Apple (as the basis of iTunes), but because of scheduling problems, Apple bought Soundjam instead.

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Two great contrasting stories in the MP3 software wars: The NullSoft guys who sold their company: Blahgger: I Haven't Forgotten, And We Will Never Forget. And the Panic guys who did not: Panic - Extras - The True Story of Read More

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