Bill Gates gets 4 million emails a day

Yeah, that Bill Gates guy is really focusing on spam. I've averaged 700+ junk emails a month this year so far, and when I didn't have a computer, I got even less.

No jokes and pseudo-jokes aside, I doubt that Gates is going to have much success eliminating spam, it's been a problem for a long time, and Microsoft Outlook has been around almost as long.

Oh, and how is that "Secure Initiative" going? Remember, last year there was hype about how MS was going to make their products more secure?

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Bill Gates gets 4 million emails a day :
Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder is the most spammed man in the world, with 4m emails arriving in his inbox each day.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive, told a conference in Singapore that being the world's best-known software billionaire has its down side: "Bill receives 4m pieces of email per day, most of it spam."

The upside of the Microsoft founder's bulging inbox is that it appears to have focused his mind on the problem.
... Unlike ordinary people though, Mr Gates doesn't get a sore finger from deleting unwanted missives. The company has a team of people dedicated to ensuring he only gets mail that he wants to read.

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