block Party Applescript

Doug Adams, the invaluable iTunes/AppleScript guy, has posted a new, intriguing applescript....

New: Block Party!:

Being a former radio guy, I've woked my share of "Block Party Weekends", "Twofer Tuesdays", "Double Edge Weekends", "Triple X Weekends", and so on. Correspondent Jeff Click suggested that a script might acomplish making a playlist of randomly selected artists and a specific number of random songs for each artist. Loving a challenge, I've got Block Party! ready to go. Just tell the script how many Artists you want and how many of their Songs you want in a row, and a "Block Party!" playlist is generated. I really like this script! Thanks, Jeff.

I couldn't imagine running iTunes (or previously, SoundJam Pro) without the scripts provided by Mr. Adams. Check out his site, and throw him some dollars if you can.....

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