Conet Project

I have the Conet Project, referenced in this article from Wired, and it is quite a listen. D, a less adventurous listener than I, asks me to fast-forward when tracks play on the iPod (in the car). Sometimes I comply, but sometimes not, the 'tracks' are frequently quite short.

I like it a lot.
The great S.F. record store, aquarius records, has it available, if you feel adventurous.

Wired News: Dark Side of the Band:
Across the world, high-powered transmitters with global reach are broadcasting seemingly meaningless strings of numbers or letters, along with a lot of buzzing and beeping noises.

Some have speculated that the signals from these "numbers stations" are operated by drug cartels. However, it's more likely they're run by intelligence agencies, as tacitly acknowledged by the British government, and accidentally by the Cubans.
A subculture of obsessive listeners has built up around the stations, despite the fact that they have little hope of ever decoding the signals.

Such is the curiosity value of these oddball transmissions that they have had an impact on popular culture and have been featured in the movie Vanilla Sky and music by Wilco, Porcupine Tree and Stereolab. A U.K.-based label, Irdial Discs, released a four-CD recording of various stations, an odd soundtrack approaching conceptual art.

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