Dept of freakin joke

My god, if this is allowed to stand, what about the children! Won't somebody please think of the children?

If all it takes is three people to complain about a show for a $1.2 fine to be levied on it by the FCC, then I say liberals ought to complain about Rush Limbaugh, and his cable talking head buddies like Brit Hume or falafel Bill. Why not?

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at a Friday morning gathering hosted by the International Radio & Television Society Foundation, Fox's Gail Berman questioned the FCC's decision-making process in proposing a record $1.2 million fine against 169 affiliates for an episode of “Married by America.” She said there were only three original complaints about the show; she noted that any network programing was likely to offend at least three people in the country. Fox is challenging the proposed fine.

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