I have a Powerbook G3 laptop, also called the Lombard model, with quite modest specs: 333 MHz G3 chip, 4 gig HD, 246 megs ram (give or take). It's been sitting, unused for at least 2 years. So, I loaded Panther on it, and am sending it to a friend who is still running OS 8.1 on a 7500 PowerMac. However, after booting into Panther successfully, I started updating various items via Software Update, and after a reboot, stuck on this screen for two days.
I finally pushed the PMU reset button (or whatever the heck it is, on the back of the computer), and then all was well. I am boxing it up this evening for a UPS pickup tomorrow to send it to a new home.....
Click for larger version

Of course, OS X takes up 3/4 of the available space, but what the heck.

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