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Well, we'll see if this software becomes a target for the copyright thugs in Hollywood and Congress. In the meantime, I'm buying it I think.
Products: Popcorn Overview:
Popcorn™ helps you easily make high quality copies of your DVD movies. Powerful compression technology gives you the fexibility to copy even the largest movies to a single DVD disc. From the creators of Toast®, the fastest and most reliable CD & DVD burning software for the Mac. Versatile Copier Copy non-encrypted* DVD-Video discs, disc image files, and valid VIDEO_TS folders from hard disk. Compatible with DVD-Video content from popular ripping utilities. For over 10 years, Toast has been the #1 selling CD and DVD recording software for the Mac OS. Now the best burning technology for the Mac is available in Popcorn. Compress an entire 9 GB dual-layer DVD-Video to a standard 4.7 GB DVD disc, and maintain high video quality and full audio fidelity.
When you put in an encrypted dvd, you get a link to this note:
Protected Disc Error Message The DVD that you are attempting to back up is encrypted with CSS. CSS is an encryption mechanism used to prevent copying of DVD movies. The use of DVD decryption software is illegal in the United States and some other countries. Not all movies are CSS protected. Many movies are not CSS protected. Some commercial DVDs, public domain movies, your home movies and content that you have recorded on your set-top DVD recorder are not CSS protected. You can use this product to make a backup of DVDs that you have created and of non-CSS protected video or movies. Roxio cannot distribute DVD decryption software. Roxio will not distribute or provide a link to decryption software. DVD ripper or decryption software allows your computer to read CSS encrypted data on a DVD movie before the process of making a backup copy. If you live in a country where you are allowed to use DVD decryption software, you can use Google or another search engine to locate such software, download it and use it for purposes permitted in your country. If you are allowed to download a DVD decrypter and make a backup copy of CSS protected content, you can only do so for your own fair use and international copyright laws still apply. You are responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable copyright laws in your country, and Roxio can make no warranty or representation about the legality of DVD decryption software. DVD decryption software found on the Internet is developed by independent third parties and is not distributed by or in any way associated with this product. Roxio does not provide support for third party ripping software.
not to state the obvious, but Roxio's Popcorn doesn't allow you to strip CSS copy-protection. MacTheRipper might, if you are copying a disk you already own.
“Roxio Popcorn (Mac)” (Roxio)

There is an invisible folder created, when one uses MacTheRipper
just wanted to note that the folder... is created by libdvdcss, and contains the decryption keys to all the DVDs MacTheRipper (and also VLC, if you use that for DVD playback) has processed in the past. The keys are kept to make any future processing of the same DVD faster. We run this same script (along with one to delete the MTR preferences file) every time you launch a new release of MTR for the first time. If demand is high enough, we could have MTR clear this folder each time it's used, however, since it's also shared with VLC, we'd be treading on their turf as well. If you want this functionality to become part of MTR, or don't want it to be included by default, please let us know at
If you wish to clean this folder yourself, use Terminal (for instance, type cd ~/.dvdcss, then type: open . which will open this hidden folder and display the titles- you can then send them to the trash). There are undoubtedly more elegant methods of removing these hidden files, but the above method works fine. MacTheRipper is currently in beta for the next version, but the software developer is not yet ready to announce himself/herself to the public, as CSS decryption is a target. There are ways to get MacTheRipper however, at least so I've heard. Forum here


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Mac the Ripper rulez

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