Scotland smoking ban to go ahead

I wouldn't object if this ban was also instituted more here in the big Spud. Coming home after a night in a bar, everything smells like stale smoke: clothes, hair, skin, dna. Or, make reefer smoke acceptable, I wouldn't mind having that lingering thc smell, even though I don't smoke myself.
From the BBCScotland smoking ban to go ahead

Smoking is to be banned in enclosed public places in Scotland, the Scottish Executive decides.

The decision, which was a unanimous one by Scottish ministers, was announced in the Scottish Parliament by the First Minister, Jack McConnell.

Doctors and anti-tobacco groups had urged the executive to "be brave" and opt for a ban to improve public health.

Licensees have vowed to fight the ban, which follows similar moves by Ireland, Norway and parts of the USA.

Mr McConnell told MSPs that the ban would be in force from the spring of 2006.

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