I'm sort of annoyed that Land Rover has appropriated music from one of my sleeper band favorites from the Garage Rock era (mid-60's, famously compiled by Lenny Kaye in Nuggets)

Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era is a compilation album of garage rock from the mid to late 60s, assembled by Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records. Assisting him was Lenny Kaye, who later became the guitarist for the Patti Smith Group. Together, the two men assembled a 2-LP set of American garage rock cuts. The LP was originally released in 1972. The liner notes, penned by Lenny Kaye, gave a brief biography of each band.

The stripped-down music of groups like the 13th Floor Elevators, the Electric Prunes, the Blues Magoos and the Chocolate Watchband resonated with budding musicians of the 1970's, who were tired of slick, corporate rock. Many credit the influence of these groups on the punk movement that was to soon explode in both the UK and the US.

or check out the song

The SonicsHave Love Will Travel

Some Sonics albums

Here are the Sonics
Here are the Sonics

Anyway, the Sonics best song, Strychnine, isn't used on the Land Rover commercial (the commercial uses, Have Love, Will Travel), but since all of the Sonics songs have a similar driving rhythm, with some exuberant screams by the lead vocalist (Gerry Roslie), I'm afraid I'll grow disenchanted with the band. I cannot listen to London Calling anymore since Jaguar appropriated it, and played the hell out of it. There should be some law that music I like cannot be overplayed by commercial entities.


Ask Stuart Elliott: That Song From 'Sixteen Candles'

A Reader Asks: I just caught a new Land Rover commercial that uses a great rock song and was wondering if you knew the artist and title. The song was featured in the 1984 John Hughes movie “Sixteen Candles,” in a scene in which John Cusack and the other dork were dancing to it.

Stuart Elliott: According to the Irvine, Calif., office of Young & Rubicam, which creates campaigns for Land Rover, the
song is “Have Love, Will Travel” by the Sonics. Y.and R. is part of the Young & Rubicam Brands division of the WPP Group, and Land Rover is sold by the Ford Motor Company.


Sonics Rule! Just get a TiVo, and skip past the commercials! Or better yet, play the Sonics on your stereo while the TV plays in the background. You won't even notice what's on!


Didn't know about the Sixteen Candles reference. Might check that out, or not. Seems like that movie sucked, John Cusack notwithstanding.

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