Bloody mary


I've never much of an anchovy fan, but I found a tasty near substitute for Worcestershire sauce, created by Edward & Sons Trading Company.

Essential ingredient in the bloody mary I'm currently drinking, along with a fresh squeezed tomato/celery/carrot juice (insert brand name later), KetelOne Vodka (yes, I know, probably wasted in a cocktail, but what the fuck, it's all I had), splash of Melinda's Habanero sauce, fresh ground pepper, and ice cube. Mmmmmm. Can I have another? thanks!


Seth. Nice to find a blogger who doesn't mind using 'colorful' language on his site. So I assume the same goes for comments...

Don't be such a fucking pussy and get over your dislike of anchovies!

In food or drinks - they are a magic ingredient... Get your head out of your ass!

Woah! Swearing in a blog response - that felt GOOD!

[PLEASE take no offense]

Not offended, not at all. However, everyone's taste buds are wired differently. You might not like hot chilies for instance, or the tangy taste of balsamic vinegar. I don't like anchovies. Simple as that. If I was in a bar, and was served a bloody Mary with anchovies, I wouldn't send it back, but I certainly would request the next be created to my specifications. Fucking A.

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