browser wars continue

How much bad press can one product get and remain a market leader?

Pogue-NYT: Yet Another Reason to Not Use Internet Explorer:

Attention to anyone who's still foolish enough to use Internet Explorer:

As though your Web browser weren't vulnerable enough to spyware, secret ActiveX controls and other hacker attacks, security experts have now unveiled an even more insidious hole. Phishers (people who try to intercept your Web passwords and private information) can now make any text they like appear in the address bar. They can, for example, make it look like you're viewing the Web page of PayPal or eBay; when you "log in," you'll actually be sending your account information straight into the phishers' databases.

Using my site as a skewed test ground (because I link to Mac related news, my share of Mac browser is probably higher than elsewhere), the IE share is currently somewhere over 60%, with Firefox and Safari both over 10%. I don't have a saved graphic from last summer, but IE was closer to 80%, and Firefox was less than 5%. I personally use Safari most, Firefox next, Camino next, and IE once or twice a year (for specific sites that are written to only work in IE; these sites usually suck too, btw)

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