End of year lists

I am not enamored with 'end of year' lists, they often are pretty contrived. That said, we're still going to make a few: Best albums bought this year; best songs we discovered this year; best movie we watched; and maybe best restaurant/food experience. This year, for some reason, I didn't actually read enough books to make a top ten list - I may just list a few, or not. I guess because of the election, I read mostly politics.

Since I'm a self-styled 'musical historian', I try not to constrain myself to what's actually new or released this year. What's new to me is more interesting. That's why Pound Get a Blow will probably get on the list even though the song was released in 1967, and I've owned it for several years.

Check back this week for the details, as the lists are still in the 'vaporware' stage, i.e., I've given it a little thought, but haven't actually compiled anything. I'll probably hide the actual lists behind the green door, so if it really bores you, skip reading.

Treadmills are good for something besides burning off winter calories.....

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