Kobe too many shots

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Briefly, when Kobe takes too many shots, as in the game today, the Lakers tend to lose. Odom stands around, waiting for sympathy passes from Kobe, and the Lakers offense is dysfunctional. They may score a lot of points, but they don't win many games.

Also, Kobe had 0 dunks, at least that I saw, so the brick wall/corvette analogy seems to have been apt.

When asked last Monday what would happen if Bryant drove the lane, O'Neal replied: “When you've got a Corvette that runs into a brick wall, you know what's going to happen.”

Lastly, Dwayne Wade is good.....but then, he was born in Chicago.

Beat L.A.

and more thing, nice to watch a game where the pre-game hype did not preclude a close fought contest. To often the hype is anti-climatic. This game went to OT, Kobe scored 42 points, and lost. Still, not many regular season games live up to their billing.

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