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We struggled for an hour or so yesterday, trying to figure out if there was any possible way to maneuver the 380 pound NordicTrack through a standard door frame. Eventually, we gave up, and left it in the lobby to our building.

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D called NordicTrack online, and complained that she was told by a salesperson that the machine was smaller than it really is. They weren't very sympathetic, but let slip the fact that, contrary to what D had been told while ordering, there actually was a NordicTrack store in nearby Skokie, IL, which carried the same machine. She called, and lo and behold, for the same price as the shipping from the online division, we could have ordered the X10 and had somebody deliver and set up the device. Now we were really furious, since we had spent over an hour (over two days) trying to get the box off of the shipping company truck.

As an aside, the shipping company employee mentioned that usually, they just dropped the box off at people's houses, whether or not anyone was home, and they were going to do that for us, even though we live in an 'urban' environment.

Anyway, we called the Skokie store, and they sent three strapping Polish guys, experts in installing NordickTrack. They were dismissive of the online division, noting that frequently there are befuddled NordicTrack online customers who end up calling the Skokie retail outlet for assistance, or because the machine arrived damaged (as also happened in our case). Within a half hour, they had struggled, strained, and successfully set up the machine where it was supposed to be. Voila!

NordicTrack online agreed to reimburse us for the installation, so I suppose it all worked out, except that D&I spent many hours trying to get the damn machine into our loft, and I strained my back.

The actual machine is pretty cool, I felt like I was on the bridge of the Starship, Enterprise.....


I purchased a Nordic Track 1155 eliptical trainer. After assembling it I found out that the electric motor for the ramp was defective and the flywheel make a loud CLUNK with each revolution. So I called the store and the manager, Tom Jackman, said I needed to call customer service but he would email them and ask them to call right away. I also called customer service and left a message. Several hours later with no response I got ahold of customer service. The lady would not help me because I did not have the serial no. of the machine handy (calling from work). But she said with the serial no. she could have a new motor shipped to me which I would be responsible for installing. She also said that she would have to check the schedule to find out when a technician could come by to look at the flywheel, which of course would mean taking time off work for me.

So I called Mr. Jackman back but he could not be of any help. So I took the machine back to the store. Amazingly they wanted to charge a 15% restocking fee for a defective product!!! They explained that the machine was not defective if it was repairable. I was amazed that they would think I should have to keep a defective machine. They ended up waiving the 15% fee but acted like they did me a big favor.

Overall the Nordic Track elliptical, made by Ikon, is a cheap piece of Chinese-made junk. Nordic Track/Ikon has lousy customer service, and engages in sharp business practices such as charging 15% on defective products.

To make room for the Nordic Track I gave away our treadmill, so now I have no exercise machine. And I wasted about 12 hours ordering the Nordic Track, picking it up, moving it into the house (a back breaker), assembling it, talking on the phone to uncaring folks at Nordic Track, disassembling the machine and returning it. NEVER AGAIN.

I will NEVER EVER purchase anything else from Nordic Track or Ikon, and I would advise everyone else to follow the same policy or you may have the same regret which I feel today.

Daniel McCarthy
Salt Lake City, Utah

Nordic Track - don't purchase - bad customer service.

The machine we purchased, bulky & heavy duty like it should be, didn't last like it should have.

We purchased about 3 years ago, $1100 machine and 2 months outside the warranty the motors shits the bed. Worst yet is my wife (120lbs in a wet towel) is the only one who used it and that was sparingly.

I contacted Icon three times for a replacment motor and got three different prices between $200 and $250 and the offered a whopping 90 day warranty..... Ha....ha haaaaaa.

Not this cowboy. Screw me once shame on them, screw me twice shame on me. We rebuilt the motor locally with a one year warranty for $150.

Research... research... research... but if you are looking for positive feedback on nordic track you won't find it here.

Nordic track sucks!.. Paid 800.00 for ellyptical..FRAME came undone at weld...nordic track said to take picture of damage and would send frame..Never did...called them when never received and was told that frame was no longer made too bad( customer service T HQ sucks). Offered 20% discount on new one-HELL NO! Never buy or recommend Nordic Track...setting up rally at local Nordictrack

Yes, Nordic Track sucks. We bought a bike and an elliptical from them in Nov. '06. Both broke within the first month. It's now April '07 and we're still fighting with the horrible customer service reps to get them fixed.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Terrible products. Terrible people.

I echo the sentiments above...getting the X10 into your home with even wider than standard doorframes (mine were 33") is almost impossible. What I had to do was take the back panel off, unhook the power that ran up the tower spine and into the control panel, pull the chord down through the spine, detach the entire tower and then bring that inside my residence separately.....and that's the easy part.

The rest of the unit is ridiculously will need 3 or 4 strong men to turn the base and the treadmill portion sideways to fit through your door, and I feel sorry for you if you have to bring it up or down ready for a sore back.

Once you get it working, the steep incline is a great workout...I've had a hell of a time tightening the belt to an appropriate tension without the belt getting stuck when I'm running above 4 mph on a flat incline....hopefully, I can get that worked out.

If anyone has any questions and are stuck with the horrible problem that myself and the first poster had, feel free to send me an email and perhaps I can help you out. Happy running!

Matt, didn't removing the tower void the Warranty. I have the same problem and also see that as the only option to move the X10 inside.

Where in the Chicago area can I have a Nordic Track motor re-built?
Ours wents out and they have sent the wrong motor TWICE. Thanks.

Dear Customers,
I represent NordicTrack Fitness and have read over your comments. I understand that all of you had unpleasant experiences with our machines or services. We really do try and make our customers happy but unfortunately we do mess-up sometimes. Nonetheless, we want to help each of you out and offer you something for your troubles and inconvenience. Please contact me at Thanks and hope to hear from each of you.

Icon Health & Fitness
Customer Care
August 7, 2009

I just purchased a new treadmill from ICON Fitness ( and it does not have the features promised to me at the time I ordered the equipment. Since I ordered the equipment, the site has been changed to delete the feature promised previously. At this point they are trying to decide if I need to pay the return shipping and 10% restocking fee to return the treadmill (about $230).
When I asked about the feature that was supposed to be included with the treadmill, I was told if I would have went to the order replacement parts section I would have seen that it did not come with the feature in the description of their product. I did not understand I had to compare the product description and replacement product list to verify the company’s description was correct. Be warned I guess this is an expectation of the website when making a purchase.

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