Optical speakers


I rewarded myself for days of slogging through DLA's year end financials with the droolable Logitech Z-5500 speakers. Wowsa!
I had to order a special fiber-optic digital audio cable to connect to my G5 get the full effect, but having received the cable today, all I can say is YOWSA!. These suckers are awesome. I can only really set the volume to about 2 during the workday, but it's very clear strong sound output.

More drooling found here

Also, per Henry Thomas

the "Diagnostic Mode" you get by pressing and holding the "Input" and "Effect" buttons simultaneously for six seconds while the unit is off? It starts telling you stream information from your digital sources, just like a receiver does! Very cool!

I bought the

Monster 1m Toslink Digital Fiber Optic Cable,



Hey, can you turn that down a little, I'm trying to make a phone call here.....

How do you know what cable to get. I have a G5 IMac I need to get a cable for. Please contact by email.

see above: I used the Monster optical cables.

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