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thanks to Skippy for the shout out, I suppose I'm now a member of the partially-reality-based blogtopia (phrase no doubt invented by the illustrious skippy), I just hope my server can handle the extra traffic...

Does this mean I have to be serious about what I blog about??? I don't want to burn out like billmon, nor do I really want to handle the headaches of other high profile bloggers either (like Skippy or gods forbid - daily kos). I've had a blog (even though it was called something else in the olden days) for a long time, but I never considered it other than a hobby and as a way to keep track of interesting tidbits that I stumble upon.

Everyone in my email address book appreciates that I have a blog too, yeesh.

This site was called B12 Solipsism for a while, and that is a more appropriate name, although not very catchy. The Swanksalot Orchestra has already been beaten to death, and doesn't sound very corporate.

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