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Pat Riley's Knicks ruined the NBA for years. Please, please bring back up-tempo basketball. The Sacramento Kings, Seattle Sonics, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavs, Minnesota Timberwolves, even to a lesser extent the Denver Nuggets, the Orlando Magic, the San Antonio Spurs, and the god-damn Lakers (even just to root against the Kobe show); these are teams I like to watch, not the grindingly boring teams like the Kidd-less Nets, the Rockets (for shame, JVG! - you've got 2 stars, one a fast break scoring demon, and you only average 86 points a game) or the Pistons. There isn't a law that says you have to run out the shot clock before shooting: please pass the ball around, don't play 1 on 1 isolation plays every possession, and try running up the floor. Yeesh. I would even watch the Celtics play up-tempo, if they got rid of whiner-in-chief, Paul Pierce, and his little dog Toto Ricky Davis.

Neel - ESPN.com: Page 2 - A candidate we can all root for:
If Steve Nash is the MVP, basketball is fun again.

Up-tempo ball is back.

Pat Riley is dead and Jeff Van Gundy is on life support.

If Steve Nash is the MVP, we're not about wars of attrition, muscle-bound match-ups, and watch-the-paint-dry isolations. We're about pace, about play, about players, and about the game we know and love from the schoolyards and those grainy Showtime games on NBA TV.

No fucking kidding.

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