From the WSJ's Walt Mossberg, we read of the revised GuruNet site,

But now there is an entire search service devoted to providing direct answers to search queries. It is called, and it is available at Using a variety of reference sources, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, it generates a thoughtfully organized page of relevant information about your search query without requiring you to click on any further Web links. comes from GuruNet, an Israeli company that developed a little-known, but slick, reference utility called GuruNet a few years back. With GuruNet, when you held down the Alt key and clicked on any word on any screen on your computer, the program produced a tabbed window with definitions, encyclopedia articles, and other information related to the word. GuruNet also powers the reference section of the A9 search service.

Now, with, the company has expanded its reference sources, added many more topics, and morphed GuruNet into a full-blown search service you can call up from any major Web browser. You can still get the old GuruNet functionality, which works without requiring you to start in a Web browser.

Answers, not links

seems interesting enough to give a whirl. Any web service that is accessible via keyboard shortcut is worth trying.

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