Architecture Tour from hell, redux

Follow up to this gross story

Criminal charges are to be filed Wednesday in last summer's alleged dumping of human waste from the Dave Matthews Band tour bus onto a sightseeing boat on the Chicago River, sources close to the case said.

Authorities said the driver of the bus had arranged to turn himself in to Chicago police Wednesday. The man's attorney, Mark Rotert, confirmed that scenario late Tuesday.

Tourists on the river cruise apparently were showered with excrement as their boat, Chicago's Little Lady, passed under the Kinzie Street bridge Aug. 8. A security camera at the East Bank Club captured the bus passing over the bridge at the time of the dumping, police have said.

The bus driver is expected to face two criminal misdemeanor charges, sources with the Cook County state's attorney's office said. One is reckless conduct, and the other is the discharge of contaminated waste to cause water pollution.

The driver could face up to a year in prison and fines of up to $10,000, authorities said.

Authorities have estimated the bus dumped 800 pounds of waste through the bridge's grate and onto the passing boat, giving many of the 120 sightseers on board a putrid dousing.

It's bad enough when runoff from the bridges lands on your upturned face while on the architecture tour, but excrement would just be simply disgusting.

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