Charity calls for cannabis to be delivered to their flat for further study

Ahh, yes. Reefer Madness. I've heard of this affliction. One puff of the evil herb, and one becomes a serial killer, rapist, and worse.

Charity calls for cannabis study:
A mental health charity is calling for a government inquiry into the link between cannabis and mental illness.
... Campaigner Terry Hammond says his son, Steve, developed schizophrenia after taking cannabis resin.

“I have got absolutely no doubt at all, and neither has Steve - Steve is absolutely clear about it - that it was the cannabis that triggered it.

”It may not have been the absolute cause of it, but it was the trigger.

“It is Russian roulette,” he said. “For some people it can ease pain, but for others it can be an absolute disaster.”

And, a voice of reason...

Steve Barker, of the Campaign to Legalise Cannabis Association, said that by prohibiting cannabis it was preventing information about its use being readily available, while cannabis could in fact aid those with medical problems.

“There is a larger proportion of people with mental health problems who claim cannabis reduces their symptoms than those for whom it is a problem,” he said.

“To criminalise people and to put them though the criminal justice system rather than give them the medical support they need is completely wrong.”

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